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Visit the READINGS page to explore a typical intuitive session and how to arrange for one.  You are welcome to contact me directly or by email if I can further explain the potential value of my work.

This page will help you decide if you would like a reading  on

 how to achieve physical and emotional

well-being through a

medical intuitive reading


a general  intuitive consultation

 to discuss  relationships,

for business or professional  purposes,

to identify potential talents and abilities,

to improve your own intuitive or healing skills,

life purpose, or

 spiritual issues

Dr. Randall-May offers personal mentoring and classes in how to begin and grow your practice as an intuitive and/or healer. Please contact her for further details. Email her at for more information or to sign up for the Mentoring Program or a schedule of Mentoring classes.

Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. is a member of the

 American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition.

You can read more about the Board and its work to certify medical intuitives at:


She is also a member of the Council for Healing, representing Medical Intuition and Prayer Healing.  The purpose of the Council is to promote the understanding of and access to alternative modalities of healing including Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Energy Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Network Chiropractic, Indigenous Healing, Aromotherapy, and many more. Visit for further details.  


Visit the Calendar and Contact page for Prayer Group and other Ministerial Services

 visit the GALLERY to view samples of Cay Randall-May's art


Bring the cheer of sunflowers into your home or office with this painting which creates the illusion of a light-filled, stained glass window. Oil on canvas, 16" x 20" oval, wrap around. No need for further framing. 2005. $250 plus shipping/handling and insurance and Arizona sales tax (if applicable).




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